Classing up the Cube

It is easy to just go into work every day and try to zone out until the bell chimes and it’s time to go home. I propose invigorating the work day by injecting some life into your work place. Of course, you can go the route of everyone else and fill your cube with trinkets and “fun”, but I much prefer to work in a classy environment.

Get some classy wallpaper and hang it on the walls of your cubicle. You don’t have to do more than tack it up. If you want to go the full nine yards then you should get some molding for the upper edge of the cubicle walls to cover the tacks and really complete the look.

If you have the room on your work space, then I suggest getting a globe. You should get one with an ornate base and swivel. If you don’t have the room for that, then get a map in a classy frame. Make you cubicle look like a classy den or a smoking lounge. You may not be able to actually enjoy it as the lounge you want it to be but it can feel like it.

Speaking of lounges, you should replace that junky chair that the office provided for you with a nice leather and hardwood rolling chair. See if you can match the style of the wood to the style of the globe to tie it all together. You may not be able to fit an actual desk into your cubicle but you may as well sit at that plastic desk with your globe and your classy trinkets.

Once you have the basics established it’s time to start to start filling it with smaller, personal items. Just make sure to stay with the theme. Get some classy lighting in brass and copper if you can.



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