Workplace Bullying Today

When you are running a business, it is easy to just think of the numbers involved.  How many units sold this week?  What is our net profit?  To do this is to make a major mistake in assessing what is truly important in any business.  The people involved in the process should be of paramount importance.  Sadly, many people go to work every day filled with dread.  They follow their feet to their little cubicle and count down the minutes until they are released.  The only reason they still show up is to get the paycheck they so desperately need.  Often, the reason for this is a problem that does not receive enough publicity.  The problem is bullies in the workplace.

Bullying is often thought of as a problem that only occurs on the playground and in the classroom.  The truth is, those same people who spent their childhood years pushing other kids around, sometimes grow up to continue their overbearing and aggressive ways.  As astute boss will first make sure that he is not guilty of bullying his employees in any way.  Then, he will make it a priority to ensure that no forms of this behavior are allowed to occur in the work environment he is in charge of.  

This is not only based on wishing for a happier work environment.  There are now laws being put into place that put management on the spot if physical or verbal bullying is allowed to take place on the job.  No one likes a bully.  A clear message should be sent throughout society, and a great place to start is right in your own office.