You can earn money from home – I do

Imagine what it would be like if your daily commute consisted of dropping your kids at school, then making a coffee and sitting down at your kitchen table. If you could find a way of making this your life, you’d do it, right?

That is a description of my mornings. I am earning enough money every month to replace the income from my old job. I work just 15 hours a week and on average earn double what I could earn in a regular part-time job.

Every parent understands the heartbreak of leaving a child so you can go to work, but you will also appreciate the hassle and frustration of dealing with sick days and school holidays too. Juggling work and motherhood is so hard I was determined to find a way to do it on my terms.

Now I work when it is convenient. I can care for the kids if they are sick without upsetting a boss, I can take care of them during the holidays, and I can be there for every Christmas nativity play, and end of year performance.

I spent hours and hours searching the Web for the right opportunity. I’ve lost count of the number of times I got sucked into reading something, only to discover at the bottom of the page it would cost me $$$$$ to get started. I even started one online job that was paying just $3 per hour, even though it had promised much more. Not only was that no way near enough money to pay the bills, it was a really stressful job with constant quality checks, and I felt totally undervalued.

The trick is to write about what you love, and what other people are searching for information on. I love writing about the hot toys for Christmas 2011, and toys for babies.

Now I juggle my time between writing about hot toys for my own website, and writing about whatever for a site called HubPages.

I can’t give you a magic formula for how it will work for you. I suggets you sign up to a few online writers communities, mingle online with people who have a similar ambition to you, and most all try lots of things without expecting them all to work