Making the Perfect Hot Chocolate At Work

The dynamics of our labor life are changing and more companies each day understand the importance of creating a positive and relaxed work environment so that their employees can become more productive.

This particularly counts for those employees who are spending their working hours in cubicles, minding their own business and finishing the daily workload. While cubicles might seem the perfect solution to save space and thus money, some people might feel locked up, especially if their cubicle has nothing personal about it.

A way to improve the work environment, is allowing the workers to add a personal touch, for example by bringing in plants, pictures of their family and kids or even some other personal belongings they really like having close when hard at work.

A personal preference of mine is to have a way to prepare a nice frothy cappuccino or even a hot chocolate whenever I feel like it, and for that reason I have installed a Froth Au Lait Mini Stainless milk frother, that can help me prepare both. 

For some it might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I love being able to sip on a freshly made cappuccino or any of the luxury brands hot chocolates and while a milk frother may seem like a too extreme gadget to bring into work, for me it is the best thing I have ever done.