Do You Have Lego In Your Cubicle?

Seeing the fact that many people spend almost as much time at home as they do in their cubicle at work, it is easy to see why they try to make it feel as comfortable and personal as possible. While some companies have all sorts of rules about what is and is not allowed to have in your cubicle, more modern companies realize the importance of feeling good at work.

Those companies also allow their employees to decorate their cubicles as they wish, bringing plants from home and family pictures or other items that add to their level of happiness.

When looking at these cubicle,s you can actually tell quite a bit about the personality of the workers, without even knowing them. Some choose to have their cubicle completely organized and with no extra details, while others really try to recreate the atmosphere they have at home.

Some people even go as far as bringing some of their favorite hobbies, like for example the Lego 7965 or the Lego Star Wars 8039, both part of the Star Wars series, showing their great dedication to both the building bricks and the movie. Possibilities are of course endless, especially when you talk about Lego with the immense amount of bricks and different toys.

However, make sure you don´t get too caught up playing around with your toys, some work does need to get finished after all!