New Plugin from FiddyP

I have just installed a new plugin from FiddyP. The plugin is called commentluv and according to FiddyP “will visit the feed of the comment author and attempt to scrape the last post they made and display it under their comment, this way you can encourage people to join in the discussion of your posts and give something back straight away. The plugin looks for a feed in the default location of /feed/ for WordPress users, in /feeds/posts/default for Blogspot users and /atom.xml for Typepad users.

If it can’t find a feed in the default location for the site then it will parse the page the author has used for their site field of the comment form and look for a feedburner feed, if it finds one, it goes and gets the last post they made from that. It does this at the time of the comment being posted and appends the extra text just before the comment gets saved to the database, this way it doesn’t put any extra load on the database or server other than the effort required add another 60 or so characters to the comment content.”

Leave me a comment to see it in action. You can download it here. 

WordPress 2.3 and NexGen Gallery Rock

After a few mishaps uprading to WordPress 2.3, I have finally got everything working perfectly and added NexGen Gallery plugin. I have been looking for ages to find a photo gallery plugin that wasn’t too much for my minuscule brain to manage. This is it. In honor of the new plug in, here is an example of it in action. It’s brilliant. You can get it here. Alex, you are my new hero.