Workers forced to live in Cubicles!

Workers around the world are being forced, not just to work in cubicles, but live in them too. Here are a couple of examples of workers houses. Due to increasing pressure of possible lawsuits, I am unable to name the companies concerned. Herman Miller have already threatened me with action, and I just can’t take the chance at the moment. But, seeing is believing and here is photographic proof that the problem exists.

It’s only a matter of time before American and British workers are subjected to the same indignities. IBM, for one, are considering a proposal to move ALL their operations to an undisclosed country where, “The workforce is not so damned obstinate, and doesn’t have a problem with doing as they’re told,” said a spokesperson for IBM (who refused to be named) in an exclusive interview with this reporter. Apparently, Toyota have already begun plans for the construction of 500,000 cubicle homes in preparation for the move. Who knew Toyota made houses? You have been warned.