You can use this page to send us photographs of your particular cubicle decorations.

Before sending please read this, sending an email to us assumes u agreed to the following user submissions policy:

Legal infos

  1. We are not obligated or required to to use any captions, slogans, images, or designs you submit.
  2. By accepting our offer and sending us your image, caption, slogan and/or design, you are giving us a royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual license to use the submitted caption / image / slogan / design for the production of consumer goods for commercial sale by us.
  3. If we do use your caption, image, or design to develop consumer goods we will send you a copy of the product developed. And we’ll credit you, when the proper information is provided.
  4. If you do not agree to the terms above, plz do not submits pix!
  5. I tottly agree

We lurvs jpg/jpeg/gif/png pix da most — resized to 500 px = v much awsum.

  • Make sure we credit u correctlys in your email:
    • Add your name
    • Add your email
    • Add your website url (if u has)
    • Add any tags you think it should has
    • Add where u got the pix
    • Add if u is the capper
  • Send submissions to the cheezmail server –> icanhascheezburger@gmail.com

Oh and pleez don’t sew me chezburgers, this is called taking the piss. :lol:

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